About us

Hello, bhome bedding explorer, we are Michèle & Stephanie, the hearts behind bhome. Our vision for bhome began in 2020 over a cosy cup of tea, where we excitedly brainstormed about crafting the perfect aesthetic bedsheets.

We are so happy to welcome you on this incredible journey that goes beyond just creating comfy sheets – it's about seamlessly blending style with eco-goodness. Our mission is simple: to be as sustainable as possible. And that's like our guiding North Star.

We are committed to making beauty and kindness to the Earth go hand in hand. We carefully choose top-notch materials and wrap them up in eco-friendly packaging because taking care of you and our precious planet is our top priority. Plus, we work with wonderful small businesses in Portugal, where the working conditions match our values.

We are not perfect and we know that in an absolutely perfect sustainable world, nothing would be produced. We are just starting our business, and there are things we can do better, like sharing a percentage of our profit with charities – which is our goal once we find success.

Join us in this commitment to create a more sustainable world, one bed at a time. Your support means the world to us so thank you for being here.